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The production of silos that Utva Silosi offers on the market is absolutely concurrent to all up to date applied building systems. This silo type is built under “LIPP” company's license and has a number of advantages among which we underline:

*silos are built on the spot, of steel strips,
*cells diameters range from 2,6 to 20 meters
*the cells application is universal for grains, combustive fluids, and other chemicals in liquid state, granular and pulverized state
*the principle of spiral of folding: folding of the adjoining edges connects the sheets and seals them
*for aggressive environments, the silo is built of two strips. The outside one is the weight carrying element, while the inside one is the resistant one to silo's aggressive contents.

Cells loading is performed using an elevator. The substance is injecting into the cells.
Cells unloading relies on gravity. Transporter loading takes part, then the substance is further carried to lines. A lid is installed on cells exit. Installing a vibro extractor is a good option to consider. The vibro extractor's role is to speed up the unloading of slow running substances.
The transport equipment's loading and unloading capacity can be 30, 60 and 100 tons per hour.


Folding station and profiling station are positioned on a concrete ground. The steel plate coil is placed on coil unwinder.


The steel plate enters the profiling station. It is bent into the preliminary shape and the right diameter. The bent material is rolled and folded into a spiral silo body.


The steel plate then passes through the high frequency stud welder. To weld the stiffener on silo body with bolt and so avoiding the destruction on material surface.


The cell is continually spinning and rising to desired hi


The finished cell is positioned in its place by spinning it into the opposite direction from machines spinning direction; in case the cell is placed on concrete ground. In other cases it is elevated on the carrying construction, together with its ring and funnel.


Folding of the adjoining edges.